First Mod, fix the low volume bug through the C Peel in ios5

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First Mod, fix the low volume bug through the C Peel in ios5

Post  AwSimon on Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:32 pm

Right so just recently I discovered this fix for the extremely low lineout volume associated with the device in iOS5 and later.

Basically I used two programs:
Plist Editor for windows

Firstly you're going to have to plug your iPod in and fire up iFunbox, navigate to the directory "Raw File System"

Now you should see a folder named "system" Open it.

Inside that folder is one called "Library" Once again open it.

In this new folder search for a folder named "privateframeworks" go on in and now find the folder called "MediaToolbox.frameworks"

You'll be pleased to know the folder navigation is over however the plist editing is just about to begin.

Doubleclick on the Plist file routedefaultvolumes.plist and edit the document so that under the word "lineout" in between the "real" tags the number reads as 1 instead of 0.29999999999999.

Essentially what this does is ups the volume 70% and I have noticed it helps quality somewhat also.

Now save this plist file to your desktop and drag it back into the directory you just opened it from.

Congratulations. The hard part is over!

now comes for the easy part.

All you have to do now is restart your iPod and go to the settings app and select "general" and then "international".
Select another language and apply it.
Doing this resprings the iPod and I have found helps a great amount.
Now select your original language again and let it respring again.

NOW open your music app and you should be pleasantly surprised at the increase in quality and volume of the music now.

Hope this helped you all, many more tweaks to come. Stay tuned.

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